WHD – Women’s Health Diagnostics

  • Category: Diagnostics
  • Investment Status: IIA Grant
  • Medical Field: Women’s Health
  • Patent Status: PCT
  • Medical Center: Beilinson Medical Center and Tel Aviv University
  • Inventors: Prof. Moshe Hod and Dr. Noam Shomron

Background: Screening tests for the evaluation of maternal and fetal health have become increasingly popular over the last two decades. Predictive biomarkers identifying future maternal complications throughout pregnancy (preterm labor, preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction) are becoming more and more popular, but they still lack accuracy and precision.

Predictive biomarkers of fetal health during pregnancy are carried out mainly via invasive procedures. The most pressing considerations associated with these definitive tests (Chorionic villus sampling [CVS] or amniocentesis) are the fact that they are associated with a significant risk for fetal loss.

Great efforts are made in order to develop non-invasive prenatal diagnostic (NIPD) tests for the detection of fetal chromosomal anomalies which will either replace the current invasive tests or may improve current screening in terms of accuracy and cost, as well as simplicity and compliance.

Technology: We focus on research and development of small RNA-based diagnostic tools for the purpose of advancing women’s health to its next frontiers.

It has become evident that small RNAs are pivotal players in regulating the expression of genes and themselves exhibit varying levels across various pathological conditions.

WHD leverages forefront technologies to bring indications of complex women’s physiological conditions to physicians for improved treatment management.