Traumatic Brain Injury Craniectomy solution

  • Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Pre-Seed
  • Medical Field: Neurology
  • Patent Status: Provisional
  • Medical Center: Beit Lowenstein\Shaarei Tzedek
  • Inventors: Yaron Sacher, MD
    Gustavo Rajz, MD
    Lihi Mansano, MD

A patient that has Traumatic Brain Injury, or internal head bleeding, is usually undergoing a Craniectomy procedure, to remove a portion of the skull, for treating the edema in the brain, or the bleeding. The patient then stays for a few months in a rehabilitation center, before having a surgery for reinstalling the piece of the skull (the bone flap) , or replace it with an implant if necessary. Our solution is a decompression patch to cover the area of the missing skull and keep constant internal pressure to drastically improve the rehabilitation process