• Category: Pharma
  • Investment Status: IPO
  • Medical Field: Pediatrics
  • Patent Status: Shneider Children's Medical Center
  • Development Status: Have completed clinical trials in children.
  • Inventors: Prof Moshe Phillip Prof Raanan Shamir Dr Michal Gavan-Yacobovitch

Background: The American Academy of Pediatrics defines short stature based on height as more than two standard deviations below the average height of the population. A child with short stature is shorter than approximately 97.5% of children of a similar age and gender and typically attains final adult heights of no more than approximately 5’4” for boys and 4’11” for girls. Adequate nutrition is essential for normal growth. In a rapidly growing child, there is an increased need for “building materials” for the newly synthesized tissues. Growth is the fundamental physiologic process that characterizes childhood. Growth can be worrisome along two variables: height (short stature) and velocity (growth failure). Most of the studies which explored the role of specific nutrients in growth have focused on malnourished children populations in developing countries. Few studies which explored the relations between nutrition and growth were performed in developed countries, where food is not limited. These studies focused on short stature children with idiopathic etiology, which are often characterized as poor eaters and having a lean body. Therefore, pediatricians and pediatric endocrinologists need to recognize nutritional growth retardation and become familiar with its causes and treatment. Physicians when evaluating the quality of the dietary intake of a short child have to provide guidelines for food intake to the patients. It should include an appropriate combination of macronutrients and micronutrients.  The combination of specific micronutrients having a synergistic effect could be crucial to a difference in the growth rate of pediatric subjects.

Technology: Nutritional supplement for administration to children. The nutritional supplement comprises an effective amount of micronutrients for enhancing growth in short and lean pre pubertal children.