• Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Advanced
  • Medical Field: Cardio-Vascular
  • Patent Status: Patent application pending.
  • Development Status: Pre-clinical
  • Medical Center: Beilinson
  • Inventors: Prof. Ran Kornowski, Dvir Keren, Mechanical Engineer, IE&M

CTOs – atheromas that completely occlude the artery for over three months are currently the most challenging condition in the interventional cardiology and radiology fields. CTOs are found in nearly 20% of CAD patients undergoing diagnostic angiography, but only a third of the lesions are revascularized. Due to the difficulty of safely crossing CTOs and lack of safe and effective CTO catheters, only a fraction of operators challenge percutaneous treatment (PCI) of CTOs.

The NovaCross™ is the only distal guidewire supporting catheter with an extendable segment for additional intra-CTO support. The NovaCross™ is both a competent supporting micro-catheter as well as a premium catheter in its own. The NovaCross™ gains its supportive characteristic through the use of a unique operator-controlled NiTi scaffold and an extendable segment, both at its distal tip.

  • A low profile guidewire supporting microcatheter, both for coronary and peripheral use.
  • Includes an extendable supporting segment
  • Provides added safety and confidence when performing CTO PCI.
  • No deviation from conventional technique and compatible with 0.014” guidewires and 4Fr guiding catheters.