Monitoring system for the prevention of suicide in medical settings

  • Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Pre-Seed
  • Medical Field: Other
  • Patent Status: PCT
  • Development Status: POC
  • Medical Center: Geha
  • Inventors: Prof. Gil Zalsman, CEO and Medical Director of Geha Mental Health Center
    Eran Aharonson
    Tal Weinberg

Psychiatric inpatient facilities present a unique set of challenges as any ligature opportunity can be abused for the purpose of suicide by hanging especially in showers where patients have privacy. There is a need for a solution that will alert on suicide attempt while maintaining patients’ privacy in the shower.

Our invention is a non-wearable device that is installed in the shower and recognizes alerting situations such as patient being on the ground, patient’s feet not touching the ground or patient trying to install something overhead height.

Using a number of low cost ultrasonic waterproof sensors and an AI algorithm the device creates a grid of distance measurements and outputs movement patterns and alerts. The system does not reconstruct the image of the person nor does it use a camera, this allows to maintain patients’ privacy while keeping them safe.