Medication Decision Support System

  • Category: Medical IT
  • Investment Status: Pre-Seed
  • Medical Field: Diabetes
  • Patent Status: Provisional
  • Development Status: In development
  • Medical Center: Meir
  • Inventors: Dr. Doron Netzer Dr. Dan Nabrisky Dr. Eitan Roitman

Background :A plethora of medications exist to treat common diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. These medications may differ in many factors such as dosage, length of effect, release time, mechanism, and known side effects. Even when a diagnosis is immediately clear, a physician needs to spend several minutes of each patient visit reviewing the medical record to ensure the correct medication is prescribed. Medications typically have contraindications that limit prescription to patients who do not fit the recommended parameters, due to their overall medical condition, BMI, or blood test results such as kidney function, lipid profile, hemoglobin level, etc. Additionally, patients with chronic diseases may have a plurality of medical conditions that contraindicate prescription of one or more medications that would have otherwise been suitable

Technology: The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) provides an Evidence- Based software solution that is designed to help physicians select the most appropriate medication for a specific medical condition.