• Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Incubator
  • Medical Field: Ophthalmology
  • Development Status: R&D

IOP Medical Ltd is an Israeli ophthalmic technology startup, backed by Stanford University and Galil Ofek Ventures.

The company develops an implantable sensor for self-monitoring of intraocular pressure (the pressure inside the eye) with a simple smartphone camera. Intraocular pressure is the main treatable risk factor for Glaucoma. Continuous self-monitoring is considered the holy grail of Glaucoma treatment, with a multi-billion USD market opportunity.

We develop the MIMS (Microfluidic IOP Monitoring System) – an implantable sensor for self-monitoring of intraocular pressure, with a simple smartphone camera. MIMS consists of innovative technology that was developed and patented in Stanford University (by Dr. Yossi Mandel, our Chief Scientist). We’ve secured exclusive license to the Stanford patent and are currently working on 3 more independent patents to further protect the invention. A commercial prototype has been developed and initial results of preclinical tests (rabbits) are expected in few months. Feedback from the ophthalmology community is extremely supportive. Initial porcine eye experiment was published in a Nature Medicine Journal article and attracted much interest from leading Glaucoma experts worldwide, which consider the invention as dramatic improvement over existing solutions for Glaucoma diagnostics and treatment.