Identification of cancer cells by anti-telomerase peptide antibody

  • Category: Diagnostics
  • Investment Status: IIA Grant
  • Medical Field: Oncology
  • Patent Status: Provisional
  • Development Status: Completed development of antibody
  • Medical Center: Beilinson Medical Center and Tel Aviv University
  • Inventors: Prof. Meir Lahav, Dr. Orit Uziel, Prof. Dani Peer

BACKGROUND: Current approaches in cancer diagnosis are usually based on specific markers for each cancer type. The current innovative invention is taking a different approach based on the utilization of active telomerase; a common and unique marker of almost all cancer cells, thus creating a universal cancer diagnosing tool. We have established and demonstrated a new diagnostic tool based on the recognition of telomerase active cells in human body that is able to specifically detect (‘fish out’) cancer cells in patient liquid biopsy. Mor Research is now seeking funds to execute its research and development plan and to commercialize its first antibody.

TECHNOLOGY: This project is aimed at two unmet needs in the diagnosis of cancer: 1. isolation of circulating cancer cells; and 2. detection of cancer. We suggest using telomerase, the hallmark of the cancer cell, as a pan marker for malignant cell. Our approach is exactly the opposite of “personalized medicine” – it is a “fit all cancers” approach. We propose to use it for the development of a diagnostic tool for the isolation of most types of CTCs