iCURE – Sepsis Prediction

  • Patent Status: PCT
  • Development Status: POC
  • Medical Center: Rabin Medical Center
  • Inventors: Prof. Pierre Singer, Founder, ICU Expert, Head of ICU ward in Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson hospital.  Former Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Sackler school of medicine, Tel Aviv University
    Yehudit Aperstein, Ph.D., Founder, Advisor Head of Intelligent Systems Department, Afeka College. Founder and the head of the Afeka College’s Center for Data Mining and Decision Making

Provides groundbreaking alerting solutions for Intensive Care Units. Sensitively and simply predicts and alerts ICU sepsis patient’s deterioration. Dramatically reduces healthcare costs and saves lives.

  1. Patient’s clinical data from ICU monitors is fed into iCUre system
  2. An automated real-time analysis workflow detects early build-up of sepsis, before appearance of physical symptoms
  3. Alerts are generated early enough to allow treatment, preventing deterioration and prolonged hospitalization
  • The iCUre Advantages
    • Highly sensitive – providing early detection of Sepsis deterioration
    • Automated algorithms for sepsis prediction
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Enables predicting sepsis 8 hours before it occurs, allowing enough treatment time.

The iCUre Value Proposition

  • Hospitals: Significant reduction of costs and penalties
  • Physicians: Better, proactive treatment
  • Public & private payers: Shorter ICU hospitalization days.
  • Patients: Better quality of life and improved prognosis, better survival

Achievements to Date

  • Clinical proof of concept has been achieved
  • 1st generation fully operational including automated analysis
  • A clinical study is underway with more than 600 ICU patients, with positive results to date
  • National and international patent applications filed