• Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Advanced
  • Medical Field: Cardio-Vascular
  • Patent Status: Two pending patents
  • Development Status: Pre-clinical
  • Medical Center: Carmel
  • Inventors: Prof. Dan Aravot M.D., Dr. David Hazzan M.D.

A line of ‘Sealer & Filler’ TM (S&F) bleeding management life-saving devices to provide a solution for an unmet need in both areas of hemorrhage trauma: surgery and the field.

Often causes uncontrolled hemorrhaging; may lead to Exsanguination (“Bleeding out”).  In the operating room, injury to a major blood vessel occurs in 0.3% to 1.0% of laparoscopic surgical procedures. This is a life-threatening complication. The recommended treatment today consists of rapid laparotomy (emergency conversion to open surgery) in an endeavor to control bleeding using direct pressure until an experienced vascular surgeon arrives.

In the field, severe hemmorage causes more than 50% of combat trauma deaths and approx. 10% of urban trauma deaths.

The S&F devices are innovative single use catheters, intended for emergency trauma care either for any emergency major arterial or vein bleeding during general or laparoscopic surgery and as well for use in ER or the field. The S&F is capable of sealing perforations within the cardiovascular system, while simultaneously permitting infusion of large quantities of liquid. In laparoscopic surgery, the braided S&F Permits suturing  laparoscopically without the need to convert to open surgery.