• Category: Medical IT
  • Investment Status: Advanced
  • Medical Field: Other

Data2Life delivers advanced intelligence on drug therapeutic and negative side effects (adverse events) based on multi-sourced and cross-referenced drug safety data. By combining and standardizing real-world inputs (including electronic health records (EHRs), regulatory system reports and social media posts), Data2Life provides product’s related effects and risk profiles for individual drugs and therapeutic classes, with additional insight into their effects on specific populations and demographic categories.

With this new visibility, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare organizations can focus research and clinical trials, enhance their clinical studies development, repurpose current ingredients based on positive effects, strengthen pharmacovigilance practices, reduce regulatory risk and promote drug safety.

Data2Life has an exclusive partnership with Clalit Health Services, the world’s 2nd-largest HMO unique in having an integrated, centralized EHR system in practically all of its community care clinics, pharmacies and labs, for almost two decades in over 4.5 million patients. Our direct engagement and ongoing collaboration with Clalit and other healthcare leaders help ensure that Data2Life’s products are built on the highest standards of medical excellence, serve the needs of the healthcare industry and reflect the market’s leading edge.

Our leadership team and advisory group includes proven healthcare innovators and renowned researchers who have focused their careers on advancing the state of health intelligence and using data to improve risk management in healthcare. They led the development of a patient listening platform for social media monitoring and have deep understanding of EHRs. Our technologists and data scientists have a passion for drug safety, data analytics, and deep experience in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.