Bionik Printing

  • Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Pre-Seed
  • Medical Field: Cardio-Vascular
  • Development Status: POC
  • Medical Center: Meir Medical Center
  • Inventors:

    Dagi Ben-Noon | Co-founder Mechanical Engineer, Co-Founder & former COO at Nano Dimension, 3D Printing (Nasdaq NNDM)

    • Dr Udi Nussinovitch | Co-founder & CMO MD PhD. Director, Applicative Cardiovascular Research Center (ACVRC), Department of Cardiology, Meir Medical Center.Special expertise in cardiac optogenetics, and tissue engineering

    • Dr Revital Tuval | VP Materials PhD Medical Science, expert in biomaterial, cellular biology and stem cells technologies

The Need – Alternative To Vascular Grafting

Bypass surgery to restore cardiac blood flow hindered by narrowed arteries is a common medical procedure. In fact, more than 800,000 bypass surgeries are performed annually worldwide, using vascular grafting. About 5 years later, 50 percent of these implanted vessels fail, ultimately leading to heart failure.

Bypass surgeries using vascular grafting may save life. Yet, most of the grafts used today are harvested veins and thus are not compatible with systemic blood pressures. Veins have thinner walls compared with arteries, they are easily distorted and clogged, and therefore they have limited long-term patency. The coronary bypass surgery was not significantly changed in the last decades, although the desired clinical endpoint was not reached with the currently used vein grafts.

Our solution is to 3D print the artery, using autologous cells isolated from the patient. Thus ensuring maximum compatibility and extending life expectancy.