EyeYon Medical

  • Category: Medical Devices
  • Investment Status: Advanced
  • Medical Field: Ophthalmology
  • Patent Status: National
  • Development Status: Clinical
  • Medical Center: Kaplan
  • Inventors: Dr. Aria Marcovitch, Dr. Ofer Daphna,

EyeYon Medical is a start-up company specializing in developing medical ophthalmic devices that offer unique solutions for a phenomenon resulting from corneal edema. EyeYon Medical has promising, exclusive technologies that have proven the feasibility of a solution to an acute problem in the ophthalmic world.

The Company has two innovative, patent-protected technologies, which are in the research and development stage:

  1. Hyperosmotic contact lens—a unique contact lens whose structural design enables extraction of fluids from corneal edema by osmosis. This model of lens was tested ex-vivo in calf eyes and demonstrated impressive capabilities for drying the cornea.
  2. Hydrophobic pseudo endothelial implants—offer an alternative solution in the form of a silicon film attached to the posterior corneal surface. This addresses the root of the problem as the implanted silicon layer prevents transfer of fluids into the cornea, avoiding the creation of edema in the ailing eye.