Success Stories

Mor Develops Brilliant Ideas Into Practical Solutions

  • EyeYon


    EyeYon is developing a therapeutic contact lens for treating corneal edema, which has received the CE Mark and FDA 510(k) clearance, and is approved for marketing in Europe, the USA and additional territories.

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  • Zebra Medical Vision

    Zebra Medical Vision

    The company’s solutions provide automated analysis of millions of real-time and retrospective imaging studies. This allows early identification of disease, and implementation of decision support tools for population health and risk…

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  • AIT – Advanced Inhalation Therapies

    AIT – Advanced Inhalation Therapies

    Transformational therapies for respiratory infection and serious diseases Our combined product of drug and device is a revolutionary respiratory targeted system designed to safely and effectively deliver 160 ppm NO…

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  • Prolor – Opko

    Prolor – Opko

    Prolor Biotech developed unique technologies, including patented CTP technology, primarily to develop longer-acting proprietary versions of already approved therapeutic proteins that currently generate billions of dollars in annual global sales. …

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  • Cathworks


    Novel technology for angiogram-based physiology measurement. Cathworks develops devices for the interventional cardiology market and is focused on improving the utilization of coronary angiography data to ratify measurement-based medicine in the cath lab….

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  • Data2Life


    AE Intelligence from Real World. Data2Life captures and make accessible “real-world” drug related effects intelligence from multi-sourced, cross-referenced data from Electronic Health Records (including Clalit’s vast database), Regulatory Agency Reports…

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  • RDD Pharma

    RDD Pharma

    RDD aims to provide targeted pharmacological treatments for diseases of the anorectal region such as anal fissures, fecal incontinence and pruritus ani. Additionally, a molecule targeting radiation proctitis is in preclinical…

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  • Innolap surgical

    Innolap surgical

    InnoLap’s device improves and simplifies laparoscopic surgery. Using the device leverages surgeons’ know-how since it is based on the existing laparoscopic procedure. This platform enjoys the benefits of single-incision methods without…

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  • Dreamed Diabetes

    Dreamed Diabetes

    Developing innovative Artificial Pancreas Technology. Dedicated to empowering insulin-dependent patients and their doctors with innovative and patient-centric decision support technology. The company was established in 2014 as a spin-off the…

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  • Dia-Cardio


    Decision support system for automatic diagnosis of cardiac function, using echocardiographic patient examinations. The new system uses image analysis methods to precisely identify the inner wall of the left ventricle…

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  • Tymcure


    Revolutionizes tympanic membrane perforation treatment. Tymcure’s unique medical device is intended to treat TMP by inserting a membrane through the ear canal and the perforation to the middle ear cavity,…

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  • Bonfix


    Safe and efficient implantable device for the treatment of Hallux Valgus deformity. The company is developing a new, orthopedic implant that presents a better way to resolve the deformity of…

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  • Nitiloop


    Nitiloop develops cutting edge solutions in Interventional Cardiology. Nitiloop’s technology provides physicians with advanced operator-control devices enabling enhanced guidewire positioning and distal support for Coronary and Peripheral vascular beds. Nitiloop is dedicated…

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  • Can-Fite BioPharma

    Can-Fite BioPharma

    Novel treatments for auto-immune diseases and cancer Can-Fite BioPharma (TASE:CFBI; NYSE MKT:CANF) is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company with fully integrated pharmaceutical discovery and clinical development capabilities. The company has an…

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  • MediWound


    MediWound develops, manufactures and globally commercializes innovative products in the fields of severe burn and chronic wound management.

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  • APX


    APX develops a novel pupil dilator that is fast and easy to insert and remove, requires minimal intraocular manipulations, provides adequate pupil size and does not interfere with surgery.

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