Research Funds Management

Over 1000 Research Funds Are Managed By Mor

Mor Research Applications Ltd manages over 1000 research funds for physicians and researchers who are employed by Clalit Health Services, under the terms of a Clalit directive issued in 1994.

The Research Fund Management division is responsible for a range of activities related to research and project fund administration, including the management of institutional and external research funds and other types of third-party sponsored projects.

Some of the advantages:

  • Your fund is managed in secured banking programs
  • Use of funding is under the control of the recipient, eliminating beaurocratic approval procedures
  • Financial arrangement allows for VAT refunds or exemptions
  • Administrative and accounting services are provided by Mor, freeing the researcher to concentrate on research
  • Fund recipients receive individual attention and guidance throughout the project until its conclusion

Funding managed by Mor can be used for diverse purposes, at your discretion:

  • Hiring research assistants and lab workers
  • Purchase of special equipment, materials or reference books
  • Establishment of a laboratory under the auspices of Clalit
  • Participation at professional conferences in Israel or abroad

Use of research funding is governed by existing procedures and agreed principles in Clalit Health Services.

For more information, please contact Mor’s CFO, Mrs Lena Shot: 

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