Galil Ofek Incubator

Based in the Katzrin Industrial Park in the center of the Golan Heights the Galil Ofek Incubator is a hub of technology innovation surrounded by natural serenity and beauty. The incubator’s satellite location in the Emek Medical Center in Afula enables GO companies to access state-of-the-art clinical research facilities, world leading experts, and extensive health related resources. GO partners with experienced investors and organizations that are intricately involved in driving innovation in Israel’s life sciences industry.

The Galil Ofek Incubator is an optimal environment to develop and validate technologies that will have significant impact on advancing the healthcare industry. The founders are themselves successful technology entrepreneurs with deep roots in the medical space. Together with a highly experienced management team, GO provides robust and accessible support to entrepreneurs. The incubator’s partnership with the Clalit HMO gives entrepreneurs totally unique entry into one of the world’s largest HMOs and its associated resources including extensive medical records databases, access to Key Opinion Leaders and world leading experts, and information that resides within the health system.

Our main technology focuses are: Innovative medical devices, Telemedicine, Home hospitalization, Personalized medicine and Medical food.

Unprecedented access to clinical trial resources: Our strategic partnership with the Emek Medical Center smooths the path to conducting clinical trials in an FDA approved medical facility with access to patients, medical experts, labs, and extensive testing capabilities.

Supported by institutions that are at the forefront of medtech innovation: GO has the full support of established and influential partners such as Clalit Health Services and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

Connection to later-stage venture capital investors: Successful completion of the incubator program positions companies favorably in the competitive world of later-stage funding.

Contributing to the wellbeing of Israel’s northern periphery: As a hub of technology R&D based in northern Israel, GO is a unique and integral part of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem fostering long-term social change in the region.

Galil Ofek Incubator
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