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Transforming Smart Inventions Into Smart Investments

Mor Research Applications is the Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, providing end-to-end technology transfer services. Mor helps inventors to translate new ideas in the medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical IT and biotechnology fields into beneficial products and solutions available to health caregivers and patients.

Mor’s commercialization portfolio comprises over 100 different projects and companies in various stages of development, from pre-seed to advanced stage companies. The intellectual property is conceived and developed by professionals working at our 14 Clalit hospitals and around 2000 clinics across the country, including Beilinson, Meir, Kaplan, Carmel, Soroka, Ha-Emek, and Schneider medical centers. Mor draws on over two decades of experience to ensure that the commercialization process for these inventions will be profitable for researchers, industrial partners, and the public at large.

Mor Research Application’s main roles are to:

  • Capture innovation through the invention disclosure process
  • Evaluate whether the invention has market and patent protection value
  • Secure patent protection
  • Secure licensing agreements or establish spin-offs to further develop the innovation
  • In addition to the IP department, Mor serves Clalit’s employees through it’s research fund division, which currently handles over one thousand funds for Clalit doctors and researchers.

Mor was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of The Mor Institute and a holding of Clalit Health Services.

Company Profile
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