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Now What? The Day After Discovery

Many researchers find out too late that once a discovery or invention is mentioned in public, it cannot be patented. (See “Facts on Patents” for more details)

Therefore, the Clalit inventor who contacts Mor Research Applications before disclosing his find to others is protecting his rights.

Following is the typical process after this initial contact:

  1. After filling out Mor’s “Service Inventionl” form, briefly describing your innovation, you meet with a Mor representative to explain your idea in more detail.
  2. Mor evaluates the innovation and its market potential. Following a positive assessment, Mor recommends applying for a patent.
  3. You begin to work in close partnership with a patent attorney on a strategy for preparing the application. The attorney is chosen by Mor for his expertise in the subject of the patent, and he advises you on the technological information you should provide to the Patent Office.
  4. You sign an Assignment Form, which declares Mor Research Applications as the owner of the patent and you as the inventor.
  5. The patent is filed, beginning a process that will take several years to complete. You are now free to publish your invention and receive recognition in professional journals, papers, conferences and the media.
  6.  The stages of patent application are handled in partnership by you, the attorney and Mor. While you and the attorney revise the application based on responses from the Patent Office, Mor covers all the filing fees and attorney expenses. (See a general outline of the patent process for more details.)
  7. After filing the patent, Mor prepares an Executive Summary for industrial investors. This includes:
    • overview of the market background
    • description of the significant innovation
    • competitors
    • principle investigators
    • statistics showing commercial potential and competitive advantages
    • status of IP protection and patents in process
    • R&D to date
    • Future plans and marketing strategy
  8. When investors express interest, Mor negotiates conditions that emphasize your interests as the inventor. This typically includes:
    • An active role in the commercial development of your technology
    • A part-time position of CTO, CSO or other appointment with the company in question
    • Proper financial compensation, stock shares and/or options
    • The right to found a start-up company based on your invention
  9. If applicable, a deal is also negotiated with an incubator, with the goal of creating a start-up.
  10. Having signed the appropriate contracts, we have now achieved commercialization of your invention – Congratulations! Nevertheless, your partnership with Mor may still continue as needed:
    • If you decide to file additional patent applications in other countries for international IP protection (the requirements differ for each country), Mor handles these new applications and expenses in the same way as above.
    • If your research progresses and makes further discoveries, Mor can start a new patent process to cover the new or expanded innovation.