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An Inventor’s Guide to Mor Services

Commercialization Services

First Things First
Disclosing your invention to Mor is the first step to protecting your IP (intellectual property). Making a discovery profitable begins with securing the legal rights to the technology, procedure or product. Only after filing the patent can you safely publish your find.

Patenting Strategy
After we verify your idea as patentable, Mor engages the top patent attorneys in Israel, professionals with specialized experience in the area relating to your invention. The attorney works together with you in planning on how best to present the novel idea. You provide the necessary research data and other factual details, and the attorney sees to it that the application meets all the requirements for patent registration in the target country.

Evaluation of Market Potential
While you and the patent attorney are drafting the initial patent application, Mor researches the commercial viability of your discovery. Our assessors examine the industry, the market size and its current needs, as well as a projected cost for manufacture and sale of the innovation.

Patent Filing
Mor takes responsibility for the patent application through its entire cycle, which can often take several years to complete. But the initial filing is an important milestone. Once the patent is registered as filed (“patent pending”), you can safely publish your research or invention.

Interface with Industry
While the patent moves through its long process, Mor makes connections with investors and companies on behalf of the innovator, using several strategic channels: