About Us

Mor Research Applications, a company owned by Clalit Health Services , serves Clalit’s employees through its two divisions:

• End-to-end technology transfer sevices, from patent applications to commercialization

• Management of research funds secured by doctors and researchers.

Mor‘s services have grown tremendously in just a few years, resulting in a number of successful startups in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields.

Mor’s commercialization portfolio contains more than 60 different projects in various stages of development. The intellectual property is conceived and developed by professionals working at 14 Clalit medical centers and hospitals across the country, including Beilinson, Meir, Kaplan, Carmel, Soroka, Ha-Emek, and Schneider. Mor draws on over a decade of experience to ensure that the commercialization process forthese inventions will be profitable for researchers, industrial partners, and the public at large.

Mor’s research fund division currently handles over one thousand funds for Clalit doctors and researchers.

Mor was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of The Mor Institute and a holding of Clalit Health Services.


About Clalit


Clalit Health Services is Israel’s largest Health Management Organization (HMO), with an annual budget of more than $4.2 billion.


Out of the national population of 7.1 million, Clalit insures 3.8 million Israelis at its facilities:

•14 hospitals (all affiliated with universities)

•1300 primary and specialist clinics

•400 pharmacies

•hundreds of supporting institutes and laboratories


Clalit owns three daughter companies:

•“Shelah” – a chain of clinics offering dental treatment, alternative medicine and aesthetic treatment

•“Clalit Engineering” – maintenance services for medical equipment

•“Mor Institute” – diagnostic imaging services


Mor Research Applications, a daughter company of Mor Institute, is a “granddaughter” of Clalit.


Clalit employs some 32,000 professionals as physicians, professors, nurses, scientists, lab technicians and administrators.